The 5 Surefire Tips To Make Incredible Animated Explainer Videos

Are you thinking to create explainer videos for your marketing campaigns? Well. In the 21st century, video marketing is taking over copywriting. Websites with videos embedded on them are performing well in the search engines and making visitors spend more time on them. Despite this, you cannot upload any video on your site just to enhance your rankings. The primary goal of your site is to increase sales in your stores. Hence, the best way to do it is embedding animated explainer videos to educate and inform your target audience about your offers. Nevertheless, a winning product explainer video is founded on its ability to engage and familiarize the audience with your brands. As such, creating incredible explainer videos is not optional. Here are some of the best tips for creating incredible and wooing explainer videos that your audience will fall in love with:

a) Write a high quality and precise script

Your video script is the determiner of your final product. If your scripts are poor, expecting a superb explainer video is like daydreaming. For this reason, as you prepare to develop your product explainers, you need to spend reasonable time in writing your video script. Ensure you capture the necessary information to be featured in your explainer videos.

Essentially, when writing the script you need to determine the target audience, how to hook them, the tone, the problem you are solving, visuals and illustrations to use, and whether to mention a call to action or not.

b) Keep it short

An explainer video should be brief. Remember your audiences do not have the whole day to watch a video about your products. All they need is accurate and simple information to make purchasing decisions. Also, you are introducing the product. As such, it is unwise to try giving your audience information about your brands from A to Z.

Basically, a 60-90 minute explainer video is credible. You should not forget that the longer your video is, the lesser the viewers. Hence, aim at leaving the audience with an urge for more information other than overfeeding them with boring content. Simply, keep your animated explainer videos as short as possible.

c) Concentrate on benefits, not the features

One of the killer mistakes that can cripple your video marketing is show off. Even if you are introducing new products in the market, do not spend the whole day telling the audience about the features. For instance, if you are selling smartphones, don’t concentrate on the phone has a touchscreen, 45GB internal memory, 8mp camera, and soon.

No one is interested in the features. In fact, any brand out there has the same features. Instead, focus on the benefits of the features and how they will solve the clients’ problems. For instance, you can state that the phone has an icloud app to enhance the security of the files stored in it. In case the customer loses the phone they can easily retrieve their files from the cloud.

d) Make it fun and entertaining

Would you spend your time watching lifeless and boring videos? If you can’t, do not think your audience will either. Despite the animated explainer videos being prepared for professional use, you should not ignore the fun and entertainment aspects.

Naturally, regardless of one’s position or rank, entertainment is a darling to all. For this reason, you should add a flavor to your videos that make the audience smile or experience an uplifting feeling. Putting a sense of humor or a surprise is a good way of creating fun in your explainer videos.

This way, you will develop a deeper connection between the audience and your brands.

All in all, credible animation videos start with a well-written script. They are short and entertaining. Also, they concentrate on benefits other than the features in your products. Now you know.


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