How to Create Corporate Explainer Videos that Will Help You Amaze Your Customers

Creating a perfect corporate explainer video is not simple! Read and discover how to create corporate explainer videos that will help you amaze your customers!


Explainer videos are creative videos that explain how to use a certain product or service, promote a certain brand or explain a certain idea. It is proven that explainer videos can provide a huge boost for your company and business brand. When creating a corporate explainer video, for it to be effective and successful, you need to ensure that is really going to offer a specific benefit to your target group.


Here is how to create corporate explainer videos that will help you amaze your target audience:


  • Start the brainstorming process – Many times, it can be difficult to turn an idea for an explainer video or a product tutorial into a concept. In order to help those ideas bloom, you need to start the brainstorming process. Find your inspiration and write down all the ideas that will pop up into your head.
  • Focus on the benefits for your target group – The key to creating an effective corporate explainer video is creating one that perfectly resonates with your target group. You can present the features but it doesn’t help your customers see how your product or service will help them. You need to present the benefits of your brand. That is the most effective approach.
  • Come up with an inspiring conclusion – Your corporate explainer video may look amazing but without an inspiring conclusion it is simply not worth it. Play the video and make sure it has an interesting start, middle, and ending that holds customer’s interest throughout.
  • Pair your ideas with powerful visuals – The design of your video should be a reflexion of your business’s personality. It can be animated and fun, minimal, and yet professional. Regardless of the style you select, ensure it is consistent across various video communications. When selecting visuals, think of colors and imagery that bring your ideas to life.
  • Share your new video by using the right channels – Once the video is created, you need to find the right channel to share it. The biggest mistake is not sharing your video. By sharing, you can bring exposure and motivate people to interact with your business and brand.

We hope these tips will help you create the perfect corporate explainer videos for your business!


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